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Sizes, Packaging and Shipping

 Available in a full range of sizes

Note: the above specification and dimensions can be determined according to

fillingrequirements through negotiation between the parties.


Packaging Method


Standard packing

1. Sterile antistatic polythene plastic bags of pharmaceutical grade

2. 5 layer corrugated outer carton

3. Note: special packing is available upon request


Storage conditions

1. Warehouse temperature: 15-25°C, Relative humidity: 35-65%

2. Cartons should be kept away from direct heat source or sun light

3. It is not recommended to use capsules at relative humidity which is highter than 55%

4. Keep PE bags sealed at all time with capsules inside


Loading Method

Carton Dimension: 58.5x39.5x73 (cm)

Empty Carton: 2.3 kgs

Empty Pallet: 7 kgs